Matthew (Irwin M. Fletcher) Bunt

Lead Vocals, Harmonica

I am a victim of the science age,
A child of the storm.


I am the ruler of these nether worlds,
The underground.


On every wall and place my fearsome name is heard.
Look around.


Nobody rules these streets at night like me, nobody.


(What did Matty give us when we asked for a bio? Lyrics. <Sigh> Singers!)

Wayne Unruh

Bass, Vocals

Wayne was bitten by the music bug in his mid-teens, wearing out the grooves on his favourite album (Boston) – while feeling the incredible tone of the bass notes throughout that album, and later going crazy for the music of Rush and the unbelievable riffs of his bass hero Geddy Lee. Also inspired by Chris Squire (Yes), John Entwhistle (The Who) and Mike Rutherford (Genesis), he taught himself to play and master the bass at the age of 19.


Wayne played casually with Halton Hills band ‘Browns Garage’ until driven to start his own band. In early 2016, Wayne co-founded ‘Wicked Truth’ and the band evolved due to the shared vision, passion and commitment of his musical ‘Little Brother’ Matt (aka. Irwin). Wayne gives every ounce of energy to his performance, backing vocals, and his playing, and strives for technical perfection every time he slings his ‘Fender Jazz’ over his shoulder.


Interaction with his band mates on stage are some of the most anticipated moments for Wayne and being able to share that excitement and enthusiasm with an audience his greatest musical satisfaction. Whether it’s sharing a mic with Irwin, a battle stance or scissor kick with guitarists Jeff and Brent, or a fist pump with ‘T’ because they are as tight as any rhythm section could be, it’s ultimately about the music, and a kick ass mind blowing set list and show, that keeps fans coming back for more!

Anthony (“T”) Nalli

Drums, Triggers, Keyboards

Born into a musical family, “T” instinctively started pounding on pots and pans with wooden spoons as a toddler. Graduating through toy drums, he received his first “real” drum set on his 8th birthday. Through his teens, while teaching drums at the school where he learned to play, he performed a number of local shows with his band ‘Rampage’ before being recruited to Toronto band ‘New Haven’ that took performances to the clubs. It was with ‘Plastic Sally’ that he played a series of shows at popular Toronto venues including Larry’s Hideaway and the legendary Gasworks.


He was recently featured in Digital Drummer magazine and is a celebrity member of the Flying Musicians Association since he’s known to over 50 million viewers as the host and producer of the world’s most popular aviation TV series, “The Aviators” (PBS, iTunes, Amazon, Discovery, etc.). His entertainment industry marketing and media savviness has added fuel to Wicked Truth’s rapid rise.


His primary influence has always been Neil Peart (Rush), who continues to hold an inspirational presence every time he plays and is evident in his style. He custom designed his spectacular, one-of-a-kind kit built around the industry-leading Roland TD-50 drum module. “T” premiered with Wicked Truth in September of 2017 and despite passions for flying, motorcycles, and dogs, he enjoys performing with The Truth like few other things in his life… and it shows!

Jeff Kralka

Guitar, Vocals

Jeff stuns audiences with his smooth, emotionally charged, high energy approach to the guitar. His commitment to all things guitar started at age 11 when he was first introduced to the album Van Halen. The teenage years that followed were consumed by hours of practice.


Throughout his adult years, Jeff played lead guitar in Mint, Satch (Joe Satriani Cover Band), YYZR, Touch of Blonde, and the Tree Top Poets. In January 2018 Jeff joined Wicked Truth.


Although his roots are based in Rock, Jeff has studied and performed many different genres of guitar including fingerstyle, metal, classical, and blues. Jeff’s lifelong affair with the guitar has resulted in a sound that is uniquely crafted and genuine, and that resonates with music lovers of all ages.


Jeff is also a sought-after guitar teacher, whose passion for the instrument inspires creativity, improvisation, and an overall appreciation of music.